Scottys will seal your pavers to ensure the investment you made is protected. We use only the finest sealer in the industry, Cobble Loc. Cobble Loc is a water-based sealer for concrete pavers, natural stone, and concrete surfaces. Cobble Loc is eco-friendly with low VOCs while providing the same wet-look as solvent-based sealers. Cobble Loc provides tire marking resistance and helps lock down joint sand, inhibits weed growth and anthills. It also is an excellent protectant from various stains and is a catalyzed product that provides chemical resistance to gasoline and oil leakage.

Scottys Pressure Washing, Window Cleaning, and Paver Sealing

Scottys will need to park a truck and trailer in front of your home and driveway. We ask that if you will be leaving your home with vehicle or golf cart to please park on the street, preferably away from the front of your home and driveway. This will help ensure our hoses do not get in your way and will leave us enough room for our rig – it is approximately 26 feet in length.


  1. A paver sealing project can typically take place in one day – depending on the weather and size of the project. For larger paver sealing projects and weather circumstances, we may have to surface clean pavers up to a few days prior to the sealing.
  2. If having your driveway sealed, please remove all vehicles from driveway and park in the street. It is recommended that you not drive or park on the sealed area for at least 48 hours.
  3. All patio furniture, potted plants, BBQ grills will need to be moved. Scottys is happy to move furniture, plants, and belongings for an additional cost.  


  1. For the sealing of pavers to cure properly it needs to dry for a minimum of 48 hours. You should avoid walking, parking, and placing furniture on the sealed pavers for at least 48 hours.
  2. Scottys will block off driveways and post signs as a reminder to stay off avoid these areas.
  3. Scottys will return in 48 hours to remove signage. Once signage is removed it is OK for you to park and drive on the pavers.
  4. If contracted to do so, Scotty will arrange a time to return furniture, plants, and belongings to patio areas, after the 48-hour timeframe.
  5. While we understand walkways and entryways will be unavoidable, it is best to avoid walking on them for at least 4 hours.