What to Expect When Scottys Arrives

Scottys believes in setting up the right expectations with our customers, which is what sets us apart from our competitors. We don’t believe in cutting corners. Our customers have high expectations and appreciate the details we pay attention to.


1. When we arrive we do a walk around the home and discuss with the customer about moving any cars, patio furniture, outdoor décor, or items that could get damaged from chemicals being used.
2. We use two hoses, a heavy-duty garden hose connected to the customer’s hose bib. The second hose is a high pressurized hose connected to a commercial pressure washer in our trailer.
3. We normally start in the back of the home and carefully walk the high-pressure hose around the home. We take great care in avoiding sprinklers, plants, landscape lighting, fencing, trees, etc.
4. We cover and tape off any security cameras, outdoor speakers or electronic devices if not done so in advance by the customer.
5. We begin the house wash by using a soft wash sprayer that mixes the sodium hypochlorite with water and we evenly coat the home one section at a time to avoid streaking.
6. Next, we immediately rinse the sections with water and ensure that all of the chemical is rinsed from the home. We also take great care in rinsing off all plants to reduce the risks of chemical burning.
7. We provide exceptional service by using a squeegee on ceilings to patios and lanais to ensure our customers don’t get dripped on when going outdoors.
8. We hand wipe front doors to ensure a picture-perfect front entry experience.
9. We hand wipe outdoor ceiling fans, speakers, patio furniture, summer kitchens, BBQ grills and more. We want you to immediately enjoy your outdoor living space without having to lift a finger.
10. If you own a two-story home, a ladder may be required to reach high points, soffits, gutters, exterior second-story patios, etc.

Exterior Window Cleaning
Exterior windows should be cleaned by removing the screens. You cannot truly get a good clean on a window the right way with the screen kept on.
1. We start by removing the screens or on occasion a customer may remove the screens themselves. More frequently the screens need to be removed from the interior of the home. Scottys will always respect your home and wear booty covers over our shoes and with COVID-19 we are currently wearing masks as well.
2. Scottys uses a pure water pole system that ensures you will receive a spot-free exterior window clean. We brush your windows clean and rinse with the pure water.
3. As the windows are drying, we inspect each window to ensure no streaking or spotting occurs, some windows can have streaking if the water gets caught in the caulking or lining of the window. We hand wipe the outside ledge of the window as well during this inspection.
4. While the windows are drying, we clean each screen individually with sodium hypochlorite and rinse with low pressure. The screens will look brand new when we are through.
5. Finally, we will install the screens. We find many times a customer may make the decision to store some of the screens and only place screens on the windows they open. Once the windows are clean the view is even nicer without the distraction of the screen.

Interior Window Cleaning with Tracks and Screens
Note: We highly recommend getting your screens cleaned, when getting your windows clean, otherwise you have to look through dirty screens. We also recommend only keeping the screens on if you open your windows and truly utilize the screen.
1. We start by removing the screens, many times screens need to be removed from the interior of the home. Scottys will always respect your home and wear booty covers over our shoes and with COVID-19 we are currently wearing masks as well.
2. While removing screens we will brush out any loose debris from the tracks. We brush the debris and bugs outside and will wipe up any residue that may get on window sills.
3. Next, we clean the glass on your windows, along with hand wiping the rails, sills, and around the locks.
4. We carefully soft wash the screens and hand wipe them dry – making sure we do not drip water in your home when re-installing the screens.
5. Next, we come back into the home and lift up the window to hand wipe the tracks and bottom of the window.
6. Finally, we carefully re-install your screens.