(a.k.a. Power Washing, Soft Wash, Surface Clean)

At Scottys we understand that your home is one of the biggest investments you own, which is why pressure washing, a.k.a. power washing or soft wash, is an important upkeep for your home on an annual basis. When you are diligent about removing algae, mold and mildew from your home it will help to reduce staining of your home over time and extend the life of your paint and stucco.

As homeowners ourselves, we have the same concerns as you. At Scottys we look-out for everything our customers might worry about and more. We set high standards for ourselves, therefore, exceeding our customer’s expectations. We have 5-star ratings on Google and numerous recommendations through Nextdoor. We treat your home as though it was our own.

BEFORE: Surface clean patio floor and soft wash screen enclosure
AFTER: Surface clean patio floor and soft wash screen enclosure

House Wash Customer Expectations

  1. A house wash (power wash/soft wash) requires the use of two hoses, a heavy-duty garden hose connected to the customer’s hose bib, and a high-pressurized hose connected to a commercial pressure washer in our trailer.
  2. Generally, we start in the back of the home and carefully walk the high-pressurized hose to the back of the home. We take great care to avoid stepping on your sprinklers, plants, landscape lighting, fencing, trees, flowers, plants, etc.
  3. Our team will cover and tape off any security cameras, outdoor speakers or electronic devices, if not done so in advance by the customer.
  4. At Scottys we use the industry-standard chemical called sodium hypochlorite (a.k.a. pool chlorine). Sodium Hypochlorite is necessary and is the only way to remove the mold, mildew, and algae from your home and screen enclosure. This is our daily business and we take it seriously. Scottys is very professional and confident in how we apply chlorine evenly and work sections of the home to avoid streaking. At Scottys we use a soft wash fan tip sprayer that mixes the sodium hypochlorite to provide an even coat to the home.
  5. Next, we immediately rinse with water the sodium hypochlorite from the sections of the home. We take extra care in rinsing to ensure surrounding plants do not take on any damage from chemicals being left on too long or allowed to dry before being rinsed.
  6. We provide exceptional service by using a squeegee on patio ceilings and lanais to ensure our customers don’t get dripped on when going outdoors after services have been completed.
  7. We hand wipe front doors to ensure a picture-perfect front entry experience.
  8. We hand wipe outdoor ceiling fans, speakers, patio furniture, summer kitchens, BBQ grills, and more. We want you to immediately enjoy your outdoor living space without having to lift a finger.
  9. If you own a two-story home, a ladder may be required to reach high points, soffits, gutters, exterior second-story patios, balconies, etc.

Pool Decks, Lanais and Screen Enclosures

Scottys loyal customers know that when we are done cleaning (soft washing) your lanai or screen enclosure, it’s ready for you to enjoy right away. We take extra time and care to hand wipe ceiling fans, security cameras, patio furniture, cushions, summer kitchens, BBQs, or whatever you may have to wipe down and clean. We also squeegee your ceiling so you can walk out and enjoy your clean outdoor living space without getting dripped on. Customers can expect a similar service as described above – House Wash (Power Wash, Soft Wash) Customer Expectations.


Driveway Surface Cleaning

Scottys uses a professional surface cleaner to remove the deep dirt and grime from your driveway. We take extra care in ensuring we don’t leave residual lines from moving too quickly, as we have seen many of our competitors do.


Driveway Surface Clean Customer Expectations

  1. At Scottys, a driveway surface cleaning, includes the gutter and walkways in front of the home from the property line to the property line, as well walkway from the driveway to the front entryway.
  2. A driveway surface clean requires the use of two hoses, a heavy-duty garden hose connected to the customer’s hose bib, and a high-pressurized hose connected to a commercial pressure washer in our trailer on one end and a professional surface cleaner attached to the other end.
  3. The professional surface cleaner will be used to remove the deep dirt and grime from your driveway. If there are any rust marks, oil spills, excessive algae or mold where additional chemicals may be required, we will discuss in advance with the customer as extra charges may apply.
  4. After the driveway, walkways, and gutters have been surface cleaned, we will use a pressure washing wand to rinse off all areas. We will rinse the garage door(s) to ensure any dirt that may have kicked up from the surface cleaner gets rinsed off.

Pavers, Stairs, and Walkways

Scottys can clean your pavers and brick walkways with ease and care. Paver patios and walkways can be kept clean between sealing. Schedule a free appointment and Scottys will let you know if it’s time for paver sealing or just a cleaning. 


Outdoor Decks and Docks

Scottys has what it takes to clean your outdoor patio deck or boat dock!


Parking for Scottys Services

Scottys Pressure Washing Window Cleaning and Paver Sealing Rig

Scottys will need to park a truck and trailer in front of your home and driveway. We ask that if you will be leaving your home with a vehicle or golf cart please park on the street, preferably away from the front of your home and driveway. This will help ensure our hoses do not get in your way and will leave us enough room for our rig  – it is approximately 26 feet in length.

Before Scottys Arrives

  1. Turn off all exterior lights, outdoor televisions, ceiling fans, or outdoor radios.
  2. We ask that you DO NOT open your garage door, and any exterior doors while we are at your home. We would not want to accidentally spray you with water or chemical. If you must leave your home please be cautious.
  3. While this does not happen often, during a house wash water can intrude into the home from exterior doors, windows, and sliders, if seals are worn or broken. If you are aware of any water intrusions, place towels or rags at the base of doors or windows to help soak up any water intrusion.
  4. Walk around your home and check that all windows, exterior doors, and slider doors are closed and in the locked position.  
  5. Scottys will protect and cover your security cameras, doorbell cameras, outdoor speakers, exposed electrical outlets, and televisions.
  6. If you have any sensitive plants that need to be covered, please cover or advise us in advance so that we can cover and ensure your sensitive plants are protected.

After Scottys Departs

  1. We recommend that you DO NOT turn on any exterior lights, outdoor televisions, ceiling fans, outdoor radios, or plug into any exterior electrical outlets for at least 24-hours. This will allow for everything to air dry completely from your house wash.
  2. If a circuit breaker pops – please allow time for drying before resetting the circuit breaker.
  3. Walk around the interior of your home and check exterior doors and windows to wipe up any water intrusion. This does not happen often, especially in newer homes, but we would rather be safe and have you inspect.

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Scottys Pressure Washing, Window Cleaning and Paver Sealing

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