Scottys offers exterior and interior window cleaning and provides white-glove service to our customers. We value the importance of homeownership believe in treating your home as though it was our own. We set high standards for ourselves, therefore, exceeding our customer’s expectations. We have 5-star ratings on Google and numerous recommendations through Nextdoor.

Pure Water Pole System
Window Cleaning Done Right
Scottys & Son, LLC. Window Cleaning Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida

Meeting Customer Expectations

When meeting customer expectations, we find it best to do estimates in person, in order to walk through the typical window cleaning service we offer and to understand what a customer’s specific needs will be.

Inside/Outside Windows, Screens and Tracks

Outside Window Cleaning

Scottys uses the best the industry has to offer and cleans windows right. For outside windows, Scottys uses a pure water pole system that filters the water through resin ensuring a spot-free dry and shining bright windows. Pure water is eco-friendly and will never cause any harm or damage to surrounding plants. For inside window cleaning, Scottys uses the professional-grade window cleaner called Glass Gleam. Glass Gleam is a state-of-the-art liquid additive to water, designed for cleaning glass using a squeegee. Glass Gleam is biodegradable, contains no phosphates, ammonia, or hazardous ingredients, and is an Earth-friendly product.

Scottys highly recommends removing your outside screens when getting an exterior window cleaning. You cannot truly get a good clean on a window with the screens kept on.

  1. Scottys will always respect your home and wear booty covers on shoes.
  2. Scottys will start by removing the screens or on occasion, a customer may remove the screens themselves. More frequently the screens need to be removed from the interior of the home.
  3. Scottys uses a pure water pole system that ensures you will receive a spot-free exterior window clean. We brush your windows clean and follow with a curtain rinse using pure water.
  4. As the windows are drying, we inspect each window to ensure no streaking or spotting occurs, some windows can have streaking if the water gets caught in the caulking or lining of the window.
  5. While the windows are drying, we clean each screen using one of two methods, if you are receiving a house wash, we will individually spray each screen with sodium hypochlorite and rinse with low pressure. If you are just having your windows cleaned we will use the professional IPC Eagle screen cleaner. After the screens are cleaned we wipe them dry to ensure no wet or dripping screens enter into your home when reinstalling. Your screens will look brand new when we are through.
  6. Finally, we will reinstall the screens and wipe the tracks. When reinstalling the screens from the inside of the home, we will wipe the bottom of the window along with the track of the window.

Inside Window Cleaning

  1. For inside window cleaning, Scottys uses the professional-grade window cleaner called Glass Gleam. Glass Gleam is a state-of-the-art liquid additive to water, designed for cleaning glass using a squeegee, it is biodegradable, contains no phosphates, ammonia, or hazardous ingredients, and is an Earth-friendly product.
  2. Scottys will start on one side of the home and work our way around entering into each room.
  3. Scottys will raise up blinds and open shutters if the customer has not already done so. We always hold the blind at the bottom center when raising and lowering.
  4. Scottys will use a bottle sprayer to spray the Glass Gleam onto the glass starting with the top window. We will then use a porcupine, microfiber applicator to wipe the window with the Glass Gleam.
  5. Next, we will use the squeegee blade to clean the glass, wiping the blade to avoid any drips.
  6. Finally, we will use a microfiber towel to hand wipe around the edge of the glass as well as wipe the rails, sills, and locks.
  7. After completing all of the interior windows we will do a walk around with another microfiber towel to double-check work and put furniture back into place if we were asked to move it.

Window Cleaning Customer Preparations

Setting customer expectations and communicating the right information is extremely important to us.

When getting services from Scottys we want our customers to be prepared and well informed. The information below will provide you with what you need to know to prepare before and after you have received services from Scottys.

Parking for Scottys Services

Scottys & Son LLC Paver Sealing
Scottys Pressure Washing Window Cleaning and Paver Sealing Rig
  1. Scottys will need to park a truck and trailer in front of your home and driveway.
  2. We ask that if you will be leaving your home with a vehicle or golf cart to please park on the street, preferably away from the front of your home and driveway. This will help ensure our hoses do not get in your way and will leave us enough room for our rig  – it is approximately 26 feet in length.

Before Scottys Arrives

Exterior Preparations

  1. If you are removing your own screens, walk around your home and check that all windows, exterior doors, and slider doors are closed and in the locked position.
  2. If you would like Scottys to enter your home to remove the screens, we will always respect your home and will wear shoe coverings and masks. When removing your screens, we will walk around your home to check that all windows, exterior doors, and slider doors are closed and in the locked position.
  3. We ask that you DO NOT open your garage door. Oftentimes, we use the garage door to gently lean the screens on during the screen cleaning process.
  4. Scottys will do our best to ensure your windows are sparkling clean. Unless otherwise discussed a window cleaning DOES NOT include the removal of excessive paint overspray, excessive stickers or hard water removal. We are happy to perform these services, but they will be for an additional cost.

Interior Preparations

  1. Please walk around your home and move furniture that is hindering access to any windows. Scottys is happy to help move furniture for you, but we ask that you remove any photos, knickknacks, and personal items from nightstands or end tables to help us ensure your personal valuables do not get damaged. Once we have cleaned the windows and put the screens back in place, we will move the furniture back to its location.
  2. Please remove any hanging décor items from windows – stained glass or crystals, etc.
  3. Please move all pet water and feeding bowls away from windows. We are spraying chemicals to clean windows and do not want to accidentally contaminate any of your pet’s food or water.
  4. If you have windows in locations requiring ladders, Scottys has ladders that are designated for interior use only. Designated ladders are always kept clean for indoor use.
  5. Whenever Scottys is cleaning windows, we will advise you of any imperfections we may see in the window while we are there, including scratches, discoloration of a window, peeling of window tint, etc.
  6. Unless discussed in advance, a window cleaning DOES NOT include the removal of paint overspray, construction debris, excessive sticker removal or hard water removal. We are happy to perform these services, but they will be for an additional cost.

After Scottys Departs

We recommend you avoid opening and closing windows and slider doors for at least 5 hours after we have departed. This will ensure that the windows, tracks, and screens have been allowed to dry completely and will avoid any drips from occurring from water that may have not dried completely in the tracks of the windows and doors.

Questions or Concerns?

If you ever have any questions or concerns about the services you have received, please contact us directly at 904-834-7887, we aim to please and want you happy with the service you receive.

Jill Solomon
Jill Solomon
August 12, 2022.
I can't say enough good things about both Scotty and his work product! He returned my initial call same day, came out for an estimate as promised, and was here to perform the work on the scheduled day and on-time. Those things are important and show his professionalism and dedication to his clients. And WOW! He cleaned the exterior and windows, including a pretty dirty lanai (construction dirt) and the house looks brand new. He even cleaned the patio furniture and hand cleaned/dried the ceiling fan. The attention to detail is rarely found anymore, but not with Scotty. He wouldn't do the work any other way. I will use him again without question and have referred him to a few neighbors. Thanks again!
AM CCampbell
AM CCampbell
March 29, 2022.
Scotty’s came today and did an excellent job pressure washing my home, cleaning screens, and doing windows. They were courteous, professional, and helpful with recommendations for maintenance of my exterior. I highly recommend them!
Virginia Runyon
Virginia Runyon
June 26, 2021.
Scotty has pressure washed my house and windows every year for 5 years. He is dependable, efficient , professional and cares about the details. My house looks great when he is done! I would highly recommend his services .
Jose Perez
Jose Perez
May 13, 2021.
Such a great experience and professional service. Thanks for the great pressure washing and window cleaning job!
Jeffrey Kessler
Jeffrey Kessler
April 12, 2021.
Scotty and Sons LLC just finished soft washing our house and cleaned our driveway. They were very thorough and professional. We were so pleased that we have already scheduled them for a fall cleaning. Soft Washing is the the best way to have your house cleaned and We highly recommend Scotty and Sons LLC,
Betty McNamara
Betty McNamara
March 26, 2021.
House looks like new! Careful about everything they did! Courteous and professional!
Gerald Burghardt
Gerald Burghardt
March 21, 2021.
Super experience with Scottys. They are thorough in their work, taking great pride in offering the best product in a highly competitive industry. Scott is very personable while remaining professional, explaining the job, how they would approach it and answering any questions one may have. I had to leave early, and Scott even sent completed pictures and videos of the crew power washing. Superb job. Thank you.
March 5, 2021.
I hired Scotty for a full housewash and an inside & outside window cleaning on my 2 story house and I was sooo satisfied with the results!!! He and his partner did such a great job and really took the time to thoroughly clean every corner of the house. My windows look so squeaky clean, what a big difference seeing the before and after!! I highly recommend him! Great quality work!!